Motor vehicle accidents may result from the negligence of other drivers. However, accidents also may result from common road hazards, such as the presence of road debris or other dangerous conditions. Some road hazards may be attributable to negligence by government entities who have failed to maintain roadways by removing debris or fixing potholes. In some cases, no one is to blame for a road hazard, and an accident is unavoidable, such as when animals unexpectedly appear on the road.

If a road hazard leads to an accident, you may have a personal injury claim in some circumstances, depending on the nature of the road hazard. A car accident lawyer in Peoria can assess your situation, present your options, and help you determine whether you are eligible for any compensation for your losses. Contact Garrison Law Firm today by calling 623-887-5689 or finding us online. We offer a free consultation to discuss your potential peoria personal injury claim and explain how we can help.

Some hazardous road conditions occur more frequently than others in Arizona.

  1. Debris – Many forms of debris, or anything that does not belong on the road, are found on Arizona roadways, often unexpectedly. Debris can include litter, rubber from blown-out tires, asphalt, construction materials and equipment, glass, plastic, and metal from motor vehicle accidents, fallen tree branches, lost cargo from trucks or other vehicles, and more. Swerving to avoid debris can lead to accidents, but at the same time, inadvertently or unavoidably hitting debris also can lead to accidents.
  1. Poor Road Conditions – Potholes, cracked or loose asphalt, and uneven shoulders can lead to motor vehicle accidents. Poor road conditions can damage your vehicle and lead to collisions. Local, state, and federal governments have a legal duty to fill potholes as they arise and otherwise properly maintain roadways to protect motorists. When they fail to do so, the consequences can be severe.
  1. Lack of Road Maintenance – In addition to the roads’ condition, government units may fail to maintain the other aspects of roads that make them safe for drivers. For instance, they may fail to replace faded, stolen, or missing signage or trim trees that obscure signs. Missing or damaged guardrails, reflectors, and road markings can make it more difficult for motorists to stay on the roadway, especially at night. In addition, malfunctioning traffic lights can lead to serious motor vehicle accidents. If government entities fail to take reasonable action to remedy these problems, they may be liable for accidents.
  1. Animals – The presence of wild and domestic animals on and near roadways is typically unexpected, making them very dangerous. Drivers may cause accidents when encountering animals, whether they swerve trying to avoid them or cannot avoid striking them. Additionally, roadkill can pose hazards to drivers as they attempt to avoid it on roadways.

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