Trucking accidents are often some of the most serious accidents on Arizona roadways. Large commercial trucks’ sheer force, weight, and speed can cause significant injury and death to other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

Suppose you are injured in an accident involving a large commercial truck. In that case, you may have a personal injury claim against the driver, the trucking company, and other parties based on negligence. A trucking accident lawyer in Peoria can assess your situation, present your options, and help you determine whether you are eligible for compensation for your losses. Contact an experienced Arizona trucking accident lawyer at Garrison Law Firm today by calling 623-887-5689 or finding us online. We offer a free consultation to discuss your potential personal injury claim and explain how we can help.

Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

Various situations can lead to trucking accidents, but some scenarios occur more commonly than others. Whatever the cause, the personal injury and wrongful death claims resulting from these crashes can be complex, involving multiple parties and highly contentious allegations of liability.


Commercial truck drivers drive long distances for many hours with few hours of rest. Although the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has implemented Hours of Service rules for truck drivers that specify the maximum number of hours of driving and required rest periods, drivers do not always obey these rules. Employers often expect drivers to meet unrealistic standards in hauling, delivering, and picking up loads. Drivers often are under great pressure to get the job done in the shortest amount of time possible. Therefore, fatigue is a major factor in many serious truck accidents, particularly when combined with the stress of constant driving and pressure to do their jobs quickly.

Drug and Alcohol Use

Despite strict screening rules, some truck drivers still use drugs and/or alcohol at stops or during their trips. Driving while impaired slows reaction times, negatively impacts judgment and coordination, and puts them at greater risk of causing accidents. As a result, truck driver impairment is a significant factor in many trucking accidents.

Distracted Driving

Truck drivers are just as prone to distracted driving as drivers of passenger vehicles. Texting while driving is banned nationwide for drivers of commercial vehicles. Nonetheless, some truck drivers still indulge in this risky behavior.

Truck drivers may also engage in other types of distracted driving, especially when spending so many hours on the road. They may use GPS devices, cell phones, eat and drink, and perform other activities that take their focus away from driving. These distractions can easily lead to accidents.

Improper or Inadequate Training or Screening

In some cases, trucking companies may fail to properly screen or perform background checks for the drivers they hire. If they hire a trucker with a poor driving record or history of substance abuse, and that trucker causes another accident, the company could be liable for their lack of care in their hiring practices.

Likewise, if the trucking company fails to properly train the driver to handle the commercial vehicle, leading to an accident, the company may be liable for allowing an inexperienced driver on the road.

Equipment Failure

In some cases, an accident occurs not due to driving behaviors but due to some failure of the truck itself. For instance, the truck may have a defective part that causes it to break down, go out of control, or cause an accident. Cargo loading teams and truckers may have improperly loaded or secured the load to the truck or even overloaded the truck, which can have disastrous results when the truck is in motion. Poor vehicle maintenance can lead to mechanical breakdowns and malfunctions that cause accidents.

When equipment failures lead to accidents, multiple parties may be liable for any resulting injuries. Parts and vehicle manufacturers, trucking companies, mechanics or maintenance crews, loading crews, or truckers responsible for loading materials could all face liability, depending on the nature of the equipment failure.

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