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Well-known for year-round sun and mild temperatures, and anchoring the Valley of the Sun Metro Area, Phoenix is the capitol city of the great southwestern state of Arizona and the 5th largest city in the United States. With over 1.6 million residents and almost 20 million visitors each year, this bustling center of culture and urbane living is a mecca for business and pleasure. There is plenty to experience in Phoenix, and plenty of potential for serious accidents for which you will need a Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney.

Interstates 8, 10, and 17 provide direct access to the city’s environs, while there are numerous opportunities for education, entertainment, cultural enrichment, healthcare, business, fun and relaxation. Whether you suffer a dog bite, car accident, medical malpractice injury, slip-and-fall accident, truck accident or suspect a loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse, an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ from The Garrison Law Firm can offer compassionate and competent assistance.

We understand how residents and guests can become involved in personal injury accidents as victims of negligence, and we can provide the sound, experienced legal representation you need to help you overcome your injuries and other trauma. The Garrison Law Firm is a father-son team of legal professionals with over 3000 successful cases that provided more than $75 million for our clients.

We are not intimidated by complex or difficult cases. Our team is prepared to represent you in negotiations or litigation to see that you receive justice and fair compensation if you are the victim of an injury due to the negligent actions or neglect of others. Contact us today for a free consultation if you are involved in a personal injury accident in Phoenix.

Get Help with Personal Injury Claims in Phoenix, AZ

Kevin and Daniel Garrison have the demonstrated skills and knowledge of Arizona personal injury law to be formidable and passionate advocates when you suffer a personal injury. As your Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney, they stand ready to provide a quick response when you need legal guidance and representation. The Garrison Law Firm handles claims concerning these following personal injuries:

Every accident, event or circumstance that results in a personal injury is unique and requires an individualized approach. The father-son team at The Garrison Law Firm uses skilled investigators to help us obtain the facts of your case, so we can establish who is responsible for your injuries and should provide fair compensation. Your Injury Lawyer in Phoenix from The Garrison Law Firm will work tirelessly to win the largest settlement possible under Arizona law, which is vital to help you and your family recover after a serious accident.

Seasoned Legal Representation

Every personal injury case is different, but they all can be settled in two basic ways: negotiating a settlement with the responsible parties (usually with their insurance representatives or attorneys) or pursuing litigation in Maricopa County Court. The Garrison Law Firm is skilled in both wise negotiation and effective litigation, and we are ready to pursue your case along either avenue.

When you suffer a personal injury, you want a Personal Injury Lawyer in Phoenix in which you can have confidence. In many cases, your primary concern will be recovering for your injuries and rebuilding your life – your attorney’s role is to seek the most favorable solution for your personal injury claim. This includes handling all the details and communications, from initial consultation to investigation to legal filings, negotiations and final settlements. Our team is committed to working hard to win you the compensation that will make rebuilding your life and future easier.

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When you or someone you love sustains a personal injury due to negligent actions or neglect, you have the right to pursue compensation for your injuries and other losses. The Garrison Law Firm offers a free, confidential consultation with a Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney. Contact us at 623-887-5689 or schedule a free consultation online.