One thing is certain from our expertise as Arizona personal injury attorneys: no two personal injury claims are alike. Nonetheless, our legal team at Garrison Law Firm works hard to resolve our client’s disputes as quickly as possible. However, our experience in personal injury law has shown us that negotiating personal injury settlements with insurance companies can be a time-consuming and complex undertaking. Furthermore, although one car accident claim may be resolved in a few months, another may need years of wrangling with an insurance adjuster or a defense attorney.

For these reasons, we believe it is critical that clients understand right away that there is no defined time frame for resolving a claim. As a result, when personal injury victims initially contact us, we make sure that they have a basic understanding of the process so that they are more prepared for the journey that follows. We have provided a general explanation of the stages of a claim and the elements that frequently skew the timeline of any given case.


An attorney must conduct a comprehensive investigation before he or she can hope to recover money for a victim. The attorney may hire detectives, crash reconstruction experts, and medical experts throughout this stage of the procedure. The goal is to determine early on whether the case can be substantiated and determine precisely what caused the injuries.


Treatment is frequently the most time-consuming aspect of the process. After all, it is difficult to determine the full value of a case until medical care is obtained. As a result, a victim will potentially seek months of treatment before anything else can move forward. During this time, the attorney will check in to confirm that treatment is continuing as planned and that the individual is receiving appropriate care.


Once the attorney has gathered all of the essential facts, information, medical documents, bills, and other items, a demand will be issued on the defendant and their insurance company. This is where the real talks begin. If a reasonable and agreeable settlement can be reached, the case will be resolved quickly. If not, the case will be moved on to the next stage, which is probably the courtroom. Some attorneys compare this stage to a game of chicken with insurance companies.

The insurance company will have to make a business decision at this stage. Let’s look at it from their perspective: does it cost more to offer a reasonable amount now and be done with it, or does it cost more to hire outside counsel (defense attorneys in the relevant jurisdiction) and pay attorney’s fees, discovery expenses, company resources, executives’ time, just to possibly end up paying a large amount in damages anyway? It depends on the facts of the case. The point is: before a lawsuit is filed, insurance companies have one last chance to offer a reasonable settlement.


If no settlement can be reached, the dispute may have to be litigated in court. The filing of a lawsuit in the local county court is the first step in this process. To obtain a resolution, the two parties will exchange legal documentation, take depositions, and gather evidence for trial. If the dispute does not get resolved before the trial date, your case will be presented before a judge or a jury.

Settlement or Verdict

The matter must be resolved once a verdict or settlement is achieved. Many injured persons consider this to be the most irritating aspect of their situation. This is due to the fact that there is frequently a significant lag time before being paid. This is due to numerous factors:

  • The attorney must notify and seek payment from the defendant’s insurance carrier upon acceptance.
  • Releases and other legal paperwork must be signed by the plaintiff/injury victim.
  • If the victim is underage or otherwise unable to approve the agreement, authorizations or court permissions may be required.

If you are injured by the negligence or wrongful act of another, you can be confident that the Garrison Law Team will be there to fight for your rights and fair compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, and lost wages you suffered because of your accident.

Garrison Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys

The legal system is complicated and difficult to navigate. The average person may struggle to provide proper legal documentation and may lack knowledge of Arizona personal injury law to determine the right course of action to represent themselves against large corporate insurance companies and the attorneys that represent them. A personal injury attorney can give the professional advice necessary to ensure that you have the best chance of receiving adequate compensation for your injury. If you or your loved one have suffered an injury due to negligence, call the Garrison Law Team and we will fight for you.