On October 11, tragedy struck when an 11-year-old boy was hit and killed by a pickup truck. The collision occurred on a Wednesday afternoon near Santa Fe Elementary Elementary School in Peoria. The ABC 15 report indicates that driver remained at the scene, and that impairment was not a factor when the boy was struck after running into the street. Particularly problematic is the lack of crosswalks in neighborhood where the collision took place. Therefore, local residents intend to take action by asking to the Peoria City Council to increase the number of crosswalks in the area.

The death toll from pedestrian related fatalities is on the rise in Arizona. A recent ABC 15 reported indicated that as of October 19, Arizona has had at least 75 pedestrian fatalities this year. According to a study by Governs Highway Safety Association, Arizona’s pedestrian fatality rate is the highest in the nation. The national average pedestrian fatality rate per 100,000 residents is 0.81, whereas Arizona’s rate is a staggering 1.61. Many concerned citizens are calling for reform, and some petitioning for new legislation to address the issue.

A particular point of emphasis is a texting while driving, a problem that has and continues to plague Arizona. Arizona remains as one of two states that does not prohibit texting while driving. Although Governor Doug Ducey signed into a law a texting ban on teenage drivers in 2017, a similar provision that would outright ban texting and driving in Arizona never made the ballot. Despite this, some local municipalities are taking action through hands-free driving ordinances in their jurisdictions.

Despite a lack of a statewide ban, collisions resulting from texting and driving often result in more severe legal penalties, especially when person is injured or killed as a result. Over the past 25 years, attorney Kevin Garrison has represented numerous car collision victims and their families. Garrison Law Firm focuses on personal injury cases, and welcomes all questions either by phone or online.