Heavy storms on Wednesday night were the catalyst for a deadly collision in northern Arizona. Amelie Fortune of France and two passengers were traveling north on US 89 by Page when portions of the road collapsed from beneath their vehicle. She exited her vehicle after it sustained major damage. Shortly thereafter, a second driver traveling north on US 89 lost control of his Toyota pickup truck as he crossed the damaged rodway. The truck struck and killed Fortune. Her passengers were transported to the hospital, where they received treatment and were later released. The driver of the Toyota pickup truck was treated at the scene.

The US 89 between Page and Flagstaff was closed for several days in order to repair the roadway. Poor visibility on dark country roadways in conjunction with poor weather, is often a catastrophic combination. The U.S. Department of Transport: Federal Highway Administration provides statistics regarding weather related crashes from 2007-2016. Within the 10 year period 25% of all collisions occurred during the rain or while on wet pavement. Furthermore, 20% of all fatal collisions occurred with those conditions present. The end result is a staggering 6,523 fatalities.

Driving-test.org provides readers with a helpful guide for driving in the rain. Although, some of the considerations are more straightforward and second nature for experienced drivers, others are not so readily considered. Notably, general guidance and particular steps are provided to avoid hydroplaning as well as how to safely maneuver a vehicle while hydroplaning. In many cases, pulling off the road to safe location is perhaps the most prudent decision when bad weather causes one to become anxious and uncomfortable. Driving during bad weather conditions entails many risks. Drivers, should seriously considered whether traveling during bad weather conditions is necessarily and if the the trip can be postponed.

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