A recent video making the headlines on cnn.comilluminates alarming trends occuring in the healthcare. The standards of healthcare, as it pertains to assisted living facilities and the elderly, are tragically declining. Contained within the the link to this post is a video that shows Savina Genoeses Zerbi, an 84-year-old woman suffering from Alzheimer’s, banging of the door of her assisted living facility in California shortly after 2:00AM. Zerbi then paces in a dark alley and makes additional attempts to enter the facility before eventually gaining access nearly an hour later.
Preceding the events in the video, Zerbi was being evaluated in the hospital after making suicidal comments. Neither the College Medical Center Hospital nor Regency Palms Assisted Living Center made arranges to ensure that Zerbi was safely transported back to the assisted living center after the hospital visit. Rather, the hospital placed a woman suffering from hallucinations and delusional thoughts in a taxi cab. Wearing nothing more than sandals and bathrobe, Zerbi was put in an extremely vulnerable position, and fortunately did not serious injured.
This story comes of the heels of a recent incident making national headlines in which an Arizona woman gave birth in an assisted care facility while being in a coma. Too often the most vulnerable members of society are unjustly subjected to abuse, neglect, and sexual trauma. To add insult to injury, their tragics experiences are frequently left unheard or ignored.
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