Although the Arizona light rail systems provides numerous residents a tourists with an effective means of public transportation, it is not without its faults. In the past few months there has been more than one light-rail collisions involving pedestrians, which have resulted in death and serious injuries.

The first collision occurred during the day on February 13, 2019. A 54-year-old man was waiting for the light rail on the First Avenue and Van Buren Street Platform when he accidently tripped and fell in front of the train. The man survived the collision, though was transported to the hospital for serious injuries.
The second collision occurred on the morning of February 19th, 2019. Phoenix Fire Department was called to the scene of 19th and Montebello Avenues in order to rescue Rodrigo Travino, who was trapped under the train. Travino later died of his injuries.

Among other concerns, light rail collisions could bring about the end Arizona light rail. The light rail may be on the ballot for a special city election in late August. Abe Kwok of the Arizona Republic explains why voters may bring an end to the light rail in his article 3 Reasons why Phoenix voters could kill the light rail. First, if the vote takes place, terminating the light rail will be presented as a stand alone issues rather than mixed in with other provisions, which might explain why the light rail has survived previous attempts at termination. Second, the funds that currently go to the light will instead be used to improve local streets. Third, technology, particularly the increasing popularity of ride sharing services like Uber, could render the light rail irrelevant.

Should the light rail, survive the attempt at termination measures, need to be taken to ensure the safety of pedestrians and light rail patrons. One death is too many. Garrison Law Firm sympathizes with the families of the deceased. Attorney Kevin Garrison has practiced law for over 25 years, and can provide you with legal assistance should you or a loved one be injured. Garrison Law Firm welcomes all questions and can be reached either by phone or online.