You might have heard that senior drivers pose a high risk on the road. Any adult over the age of 65 is considered a senior, and this label applies to millions of drivers on the road. The truth is that one’s risk of being involved in a fatal accident does increase with age.

Of course, seniors are not always the cause of accidents on the road. Sometimes they are victims of other drivers. Unfortunately, they may suffer the worst injuries in an accident, no matter how minor the accident, because of their age and possible health conditions. As a result, you may want to learn more about protecting your loved ones when they are on the road.

Seniors pose some risk on the road, and they also deal with significant risks. Read on to learn more about the safety and legal issues of seniors on the road.
What Risk Factors Are Associated With Senior Drivers?

Many risk factors are linked to senior drivers. For example, impaired vision and memory problems can create a hazard on the road. Senior drivers may have hearing impairments or experience a reduction in cognitive skills. Medications can also present dangerous side effects. Physical limitations, like a loss of flexibility and loss of strength, also impact a senior’s ability to drive.

Lowering the driving risks associated with seniors is possible. Seniors should understand the impact of road conditions when paired with natural hazards that accompany aging. You can also decrease risks by ensuring your loved one has an eyeglass prescription or hearing aid that is up to date.

Education is also a big component for driving at an older age. Speaking with your loved one’s doctor about hanging up the car keys for good may be the best choice if you feel he or she is not driving safely.
Can a Senior Be Sued for Causing a Car Accident?

Yes, an elderly individual may be sued for causing an accident. They may be sued as part of a personal injury or wrongful death suit. If you are the victim of a car accident caused by an elderly driver, you have the right to sue this individual just as you can sue other responsible parties.

The driver who claims the senior caused the accident will have access to a variety of evidence that proves negligence. Evidence could be police reports, video, statements from witnesses, or even statements from the elderly driver.

In fact, the victim of the accident may have the right to sue the family members of the elderly driver. This is more common if an individual who knows their parent is not a safe driver allows him or her to use the vehicle.
Can Seniors Sue for Car Accidents Caused by Other Drivers?

Seniors have the right to sue other drivers as well. This is especially important to know because many drivers who are elderly face issues that make them more vulnerable to injuries such as broken bones.

In order to determine your case, the judge or jury will examine the evidence and determine who, if anyone, has behaved negligently in causing the accident. The senior driver could be deemed partially at fault or not at all at fault.

If your loved one is a senior and has been in a car accident, their injuries may be severe. Contact a lawyer for legal help in getting compensation right away. On the other hand, if you were in a car accident caused by a senior that shouldn’t have been driving, your personal injury case may need a careful, sensitive hand.

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