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Distracted Driving Increasingly Problematic
By 7044743778 • 23 Aug, 2017 • 0 Comments
Distracted driving can apply to several activities that decrease focus while driving. Of particular concern in recent years is the use of mobile devices behind the wheel. The Federal Communications Commission provides readers with illuminating statistics regarding distracted driving. Most shocking is that, “ 8 people are killed and 1,161 are injured on a daily basis due to distracted driving.” Furthermore, “roughly 660,000 people are using a cellphone with driving during any given moment of daytime hours.” As stated in the article, teens and young adults are the worst offenders.

The FCC provides readers some suggestions to prevent the problem of distracted driving. Education is one of the primary methods of prevention, especially for new drivers. Young drivers often overlook how fast and far a vehicle can travel in the time taken to send a text message. Taking one’s eyes of the road for even seconds can lead to drastic consequences. Parents are encouraged to provide schools with information that can be shared with students and other parents. Lastly, leading by example and enforcing strict rules for oneself and family members is another safeguard against distracted driving. Should one need to make and important call or send an important message, pulling over the vehicle and parking it in a safe place is best practice.

Unfortunately, Arizona is one of the most dangerous states for distracted driving. Arizona is one of 3 states that do not have a text-messaging ban for adult drivers. Additionally, there is no ban on hand-held phones. Over the past 25 years, Attorney Kevin Garrison has represented numerous car collision victims and their families. Garrison Law Firm provides clients with expert representation. If you or a loved one is injured on the roadways, Garrison Law Firm can assist you.
Wrong Collisions: ADOT Seeks to Stem Fatalities
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Over the past several years, Arizona highways have been home to numerous wrong-way collisions, many of which result in fatalities. Jason Pohl of The Republic details both the tragic events and a new possible solution to wrong-way collisions in his article Closures planned, work begins on wrong-way driver system on I-17 in Phoenix. Pohl illuminates some somber statistics such as, “91 fatalities were the result of 245 wrong-way collisions on Arizona divided highways from 2004 to 2014.” Furthermore, “10 fatalities resulted from 69 wrong-way collisions on Arizona highways this year.” To make matters worst, most of the collisions were caused by intoxicated drivers. As stated in the article, the high death toll and number of serious injuries has prompted ADOT to take action. Therefore, work on a new thermal-camera project costing $3.7 million is currently in progress.

The new thermal-camera project uses the latest technology and is the first of its kind. Experts have isolated the I-17 as especially problematic for wrong collisions, and thus the detection system will extended alongside the highway for 15 miles. Experts also recognized that wrong collisions are not an isolated incident, thus future plans for other problematic highways are likely to come. The new system works in three different ways. First, a wrong-way sign will illuminate and flash when a driver passes by the cameras on the highway off ramp. Next, once a wrong-way driver detection is made; DPS and ADOT are immediately altered. The third means of prevention is by signaling other motorists of a wrong-way driving by using the overhead message boards. Construction on the new system will begin this weekend and therefore will cause freeway closures.

Although many wrong-way collisions will be avoided, the system is far from perfect. Due to immense costs, many dangerous stretches of highways will be without the new system for the time being. Drivers should remain especially vigilant during the early hours of the morning on highways lacking the new thermal-camera system. Attorney Kevin Garrison has represented numerous car collision victims and their families over the past 25 years. Garrison Law Firm provides clients with expert legal representation. Should you or a loved by injured on the roadways Garrison Law Firm can assist you.
Collision Claims Life of Wrong-Way Driver
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An early Tuesday morning collision in Flagstaff claimed the life of a wrong-way driver, as well as injured three others. The deceased was driving his pickup in the wrong direction on the I-40 before he collided with another passenger vehicle. What followed was a cascade of crashes involving multiple vehicles, some of which struck the debris after the original collision. The wrong-way driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

Wrong-way collisions are a serious and increasing problem in Arizona. Such collisions often result in fatalities, while injuring many others. Officials at the Arizona department of transportation are vigorously working on solutions to the problem. Over the past 25 years Attorney Kevin Garrison has handled many car collision cases. Garrison Law provides victims and their families with expert legal representation.
Plane Crash Kills 2 People
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A tragic plane crash on Monday July 17, 2017 claimed the lives of Alan Ram and Krista Buchanan. The small plane was experiencing mechanical problems, and thus was unable to land at the airport only half a mile away. The result of the complications was a crash landing on the 10th hole of the Longbow Golf Club near Falcon Field. The plane was destroyed on impact, thus killing Ram and Buchannan. Although several people were playing on the course at the time, none of the golfers or club staff was injured.

Garrison Law Firm mourns the loss of both Alan Ram and Krista Buchannan. Our condolences go out to their families. Whether a malfunction occurs in a plane or another vehicle, mechanical malfunctions are a serious problem that claims the lives of many people each year. Over the past 25 years attorney Kevin Garrison has represented many victims of vehicular malfunctions and collisions. When tragedy strikes, Garrison Law Firm can provide you with expert legal representation.
Nursing Homes: Are Mom and Dad in Danger?
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Deciding to put parents in a nursing home is not an easy decision. Too often the children and grandchildren of the ailing and elderly face this difficult decision. Ideally, parents and grandparents are placed in a facility that both treats them with respect and handles them with care. Although many nursing homes succeed in performing a necessary and needed role in society, others fall far short of the their duties. Some nursing homes are ripe for abuse and neglect, which puts loved ones at even further risk in their last and most vulnerable years. provides readers with an excellent source of information regarding nursing home abuse and neglect. As stated on the webpage, the cause of elder abuse is difficult to nail down. In fact, there are many causes. Among which are: “the quality of the nursing home and staff, personal issues of families, patients, and caregivers, as well as larger societal issues and influences. Naturally, suggests that one thoroughly research any and all available nursing homes before placing mom or dad in the care of such facilities.

A prevalent factor to consider is whether a particular facility is understaffed. An inadequately staffed facility suffers from a variety of problems. Most obvious is the possibility of neglect, since caregivers are unable to give each patient the time and attention they deserve. Neglect is especially troubling for the elderly since it gives rise to a host of problems such a falls and bedsores. The webpage elaborates on the problems associated with poorly staffed facilities. Caregivers in such facilities are often overworked and stressed. Both factors contribute to the poor treatment of patients and ultimately abuse. Furthermore, poor staffed facilities often lack the time and resources to properly train caregivers, and or provide patients with adequate care.

Elder abuse can take on many forms: Alzheimer’s abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse and psychological abuse. Unfortunately some types of abuse are harder to detect than others. Sexual abuse is often overlooked due to the age of patients. Claims of psychological and emotional abuse are too often dismissed, especially when patients are experiencing fragile mental states. Exploiting the poor mental condition of patients for financial gain is common not only among caregivers, but family members as well. Financial exploitation is disguised in the form of miscellaneous facility chargers, and or well-intentioned gifts or loans. Above all, those with loved ones in nursing home facilities need to remain vigilant.

In addition to research, the webpage lays out other recommendations to ensure that a loved one is not victimized. It is best to place a loved one in a facility that specializes in the treatment of the particular aliment or aliments that the elderly family member is experiencing. Next, it is always prudent to regularly check in on the family member and staff of the facility on different days and times. One should not be afraid to ask uncomfortable question or express concerns. Lastly, speaking to the family members of other patients provides one with additional knowledge to better collaborate the quality or lack of care that a loved one is receiving.

If one discovers that a family member is being abused, seeking legal representation is prudent. Over the past 25 years, Attorney Kevin Garrison has represented numerous nursing home abuse clients. Garrison Law Firm ensures that nursing homes are held accountable by providing victims and their families with expert legal representation.
Pediatric Dental Deaths

Kool Smiles, a pediatric dental office in Yuma, is under scrutiny for the death of two young children shortly after routine dental procedures. 2-year-old Zion Gastelum visited the office in December 2017 for a tooth filling. Three weeks after the procedure, Gastelum stopped breathing and died. His death is still under investigation. 4-year-old Liseth Lares visited the office for the treatment of cavities and a dental abscess in January 2016. After leaving the office she developed a fever, therefore her mother called the office and expressed her concerns. Her mother claims that after examining Liseth, the Dentist dismissed her concerns and assured her that Liseth would be fine. Liseth died of an infection days later.

Lares is filing a lawsuit on behalf of her daughter. She claims that her motivation for the suit is bringing attention to the tragic death of daughter and the wrong doing of Kool Smiles. Lares hopes that her efforts will spare other children a similar fate. Her attorney states that Kool Smiles departed from the standard of care, and that Liseth would have survived had she received proper medical attention. The standard of care is a common theme in personal injury cases. In order for the defendant to be liable for the plaintiff’s injuries, the plaintiff must establish that the defendant acted unreasonably under the circumstances. Professionals such as dentists and doctors are held to a standard that conforms to generally acceptable norms of their profession.

All wrongful death cases are especially tragic. The death of young children makes them all the more gut wrenching. Although money can never truly compensate families for the death of a loved one, the legal system offers some form of recourse. The time between death and when justice is finally served is often long and drawn out. The lengthy legal process is especially emotional and traumatic for the family involved, therefore a skilled attorney can make all the difference during this delicate time. Garrison Law Firm represents personal injury victims and their families. Attorney Kevin Garrison has experience with dental malpractice cases, including those that result in death. Attorney Kevin Garrison has the experience and resources to pursue dental or medical malpractice cases. Garrison Law Firm welcomes any questions that you may have: 623-915-1100.