Minor injuries can happen suddenly, and the result of the damage they cause can make the incident seem anything but minor. Too often, people forgo medical care or decide not to contact a lawyer after a car accident or a slip and fall incident because they do not realize how much their recovery will cost them.

Expenses for Medical Care

The most common slip and fall injuries and what people typically experience in a minor car accident have many similarities. These victims frequently experience head injuries, broken bones and cuts, and abrasions. All can seem minor and easily treatable, but complications can arise, and the total expense of recovery adds up quickly.

The first stop is usually to the ER for x-rays, an MRI, or a CT scan to look for broken bones and to discover the extent of a head injury or any other type of damage. Stitches may also be a part of the effort to help close severe cuts. The doctor will usually recommend a follow-up appointment with a primary physician and prescribe pain medication or antibiotics.

The expenses can increase with a broken bone because of the need for a cast and potentially a surgical repair. A non-surgical repair on a broken arm, for example, can cost around $2,500 to treat. A minor head injury could add up to even more. Of course, none of this takes place until a patient arrives, so the cost of an ambulance is also a factor for many people too.

Costs of Missed Work

Patients often need to take a couple of days off from work after an accident because of their discomfort. Some people will use their sick days or vacation time so they do not feel they have lost anything. Unfortunately, checkups, therapy, and other appointments related to the accident lead to more missed days, and these can continue for months as the body heals.

Many people do not have that much paid time off available, and the random pattern of missed work will not meet the 14-day criteria of short-term disability insurance.

Accident victims often underestimate how long healing takes. For example, the average slip and fall victim misses 11 days of work. In addition, a concussion can cause discomfort, sleep issues, and other problems for months.

Bills for Personal Needs

Transportation expenses for medical visits, therapy appointments, and other errands related to the accident can result in hundreds of dollars of added expense. Parents often also need extra help caring for children during recovery. In addition, some injuries force people to hire others to clean their homes, run errands, or mow their laws while they heal.

Wounds need fresh bandages and topical ointments. OTC pain medications, crutches, or other medical aids can help to empty bank accounts. A broken arm or leg could make drivers find alternative transportation and force the individual to buy new pillows or recliners for more comfortable sleeping arrangements.

Auto accidents mean towing expenses, rental cars, and the replacement of other equipment like laptops or GPS systems that were inside the vehicle. Insurance policies do not always cover all these costs or pay out enough to cover them in full.

Extras That Often Arise

Injuries sometimes refuse to heal as expected and need return visits to the doctor or appointments with a physical therapist. The loss of time at work could force employers to assign desirable projects to coworkers. Self-employed individuals may lack any insurance to cover their downtime, or they lose clients permanently because of their temporary inability to perform.

Losses also exist that do not have a price. Accident victims sometimes miss family events and cannot take part in their usual interests and hobbies because of their injuries. Depression, anger, and sleeplessness from worry can begin to take a toll on the overall health of the victim.
Always seek medical attention and contact a lawyer for a consultation whenever an injury happens due to carelessness or reckless behavior. At Garrison Law Firm, we protect our clients by helping them to get the compensation they need to cover all their current and future accident-related expenses. Contact us today to discuss your case.