Client Reviews

"Great attorney, relentless in fighting for the little guy. Not afraid to standup to major corporations. Listens to your problems and has sound profitable solutions to correct same. Always listens to your comments and opinions giving great legal guidance. If you need professional legal advice this is the attorney to come to."
Gustav S.

Welcoming for Clients

"Mr. Garrison and his staff are very professional. I always felt welcomed and at ease in his office. They always explained my options so I was thoroughly educated on the decisions I made."
Amanda O.

Professional Legal Services

"I have absolutely no complaints. The Garrison Law Office is always professional and the staff is always on task with answers and customer service. If I ever get into another traffic incident I will call Kevin."
Norman N.

Satisfied with Results

"I want to thank Mr. Garrison for the way he handled my daughter's accident and for his guidance throughout the entire process. He took all the worry out of our hands and got my daughter a nice settlement in the end, I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney you can will do what is best for client."
George H.
"I recently got in a car accident and called Garrison Law Firm. Kevin was able to see me the very next day. He was very helpful and consultative. I ended up getting a settlement I feel was fair and he didn't take too much of it. Would definitely recommend him to friends or family."
Noah B.
Attorney shaking hands with his clients - Lawyer reviews from Peoria, AZ

Committed to Clients

"Kevin Garrison has made an amazing impact on myself and family; he took the time to review my file from Peterson & Johnson, and worked it until he overturned any doubt from the other law firm. Kevin Garrison will always be remember and i will recommend him to anyone that needs a strong attorney that cares; he also has a dedicated staff that help along the way."
Kimberlee C.